Magic of Make up

Makeup is a form of art that I admire. It is truly magical to be able to transform not only your image, but the impression you give others solely based off the way you choose to "design your face". 

 I find it so fascinating that through the power of painting your canvas, you have the power to shift what someone else is thinking. For some, makeup is a way to express their character, for others- a way to enhance and highlight their natural features. 

For me- makeup has always been a tool used to shape a character or performance through visuals. From dance competitions at 3yrs old, to filming period pieces- the impact of appearance has SO MUCH to do with the correlation of confidence, self esteem and influencing others through art. 

I have given makeovers to 90% of my girlfriends because 1- I like to play with new faces and 2- I love seeing someone go from happy to happier. Not because they're unrecognizable from a crap ton of product, but to enlighten, upgrade and reflect the beauty that we often take for granted as we grow accustomed to what we look like. Depending on the artist and skill level, an outsider can see beauty from an alternate perspective and style accordingly, refreshing the way someone can feel about them self. 

Im lucky to have learnt a lot over the years from my professional makeup artists dolling me up from 630am- 730pm and I feel even luckier to be able to share what i've learnt with you all.