I am Miss Conception, you are Miss Conception. (or Miss-ter Conception, for the lovely gents reading this!) 

Definition of misconception:




a false or mistaken view, opinion, or attitude

Definition of Miss Conception

miss conception



a positive and unique view, opinion AND attitude.

How you look, feel and act has a direct affect on your self esteem, no matter what profession you're interested in.

At a young age, I decided that I wanted a different path for my life than anything I had seen first hand. I knew it was up to me to chose and create my lifestyle based on my interests and goals.

I've been lucky to have manifested it all and I could not be happier with my choices. I wanted to share this mind set with anyone else bold enough to take the reigns of the movie of their life. I formulated my lifestyle and mentality into a guide designed to inspire or peak interest on my unique perspective of how I choose to spend my time on this Earth!

Miss Conception Society's "The Art of You!" is my space to share my personal secrets on all things mind, body and soul.

Whether you're curious to explore a new insight or looking to upgrade your outlook on life, i'll be sharing my personal beauty & fashion tips & tricks in "Miss C Makeover", health and fitness regime in "The Girly Ninja", my grounding & enlightenment routine through "Spiritual Styling" and all about the TV/FILM showbiz world through "BYOB (Build your own brand)". 


Knowledge is power- you can take excerpts from "The Art of You!" or follow it to a t. The point is for you to build YOUR unique blend of lifestyle balance!

Whether you've ever thought of being an actor/actress professionally or not, there are many lessons we'll be covering like "First impression power" the concept of "energy budgeting", "Confidence in conversation" "Intro to improv" etc that are an asset to our daily lives. We'll be exploring all of that and more through these posts and videos!

The goal is to think and see your long term vision and  spend your time and energy  focused on achieving whatever it is you have in store for yourself. 

I hope you all enjoy my unconventional yet affective way of goal setting and skill acquiring! 


Miss Conception





Our Story

In 2013 "The Miss Conception Society" was born. The intention being a platform for everyone to to explore self development and embrace their uniqueness to create their "brand" and balance. I'm sharing my lifestyle plan called The Art of You! A blend of mind, body and soul - combining all of the experiences/ knowledge i've acquired through working with the pro's during my career as an actress.

 I've travelled throughout North America to lead workshops, online Q&A discussions and public speeches for student expos, Miss Teen Canada pageant delegates, Ottawa Film Fest conferences etc. I often have youth reach out in person and on social media with words like "How do you do your make up like that?" "I could never be on TV" or "I wish I could do that, too". I wanted to create a way to connect with those who are interested in breaking their "Miss Conceptions" by building their confidence and self esteem through embracing their individuality and authenticity. The MCS was designed to give everyone access to learning the tips, tricks and tutorials from the professionals who mentored me!

I have so much fun creating The Art of ME, I am SO excited to see you design "The Art of YOU!"

Hosting the first American Seattle WE DAY. 20,000 youth.

Hosting the first American Seattle WE DAY. 20,000 youth.


Header photograph by Mike Lewis, Fusia Magazine Anniversary cover shoot.